Are Institutions and Businesses Engaging in Performance Activism?

The Relationship Manager and Lending Specialist for the local branch of Bank of America called my house. Fortunately, I wasn't home. But my husband, who never picks up a phone, answered and later dutifully gave me a message. What did she want? I asked him. That's when he became my recognizable husband again. I don't … Continue reading Are Institutions and Businesses Engaging in Performance Activism?

Have We Become Documentary Filmmakers?

BBC reporter Joshua Nevett wrote an interesting piece about people who have dared to record moments of police brutality. Nevett begins by writing about 17-year-old Darnella Frazier, the young woman who had the presence of mind to film what would eventually become the murder of George Floyd. The story reminded me of an ethical discussion … Continue reading Have We Become Documentary Filmmakers?

Can Police Departments Evolve?

Yesterday, this quote from Former Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson appeared in my Twitter feed. “We are recruiting across our nation’s police forces far too many people who are not there to protect and serve, and preserve the peace — but are there to be the neighborhood bully.” My first, non-Officer Friendly, police encounter … Continue reading Can Police Departments Evolve?